Your favorite shade has arrived!

Wassssup peeps!?

I'm Grey! My real name is Joe, so you are more than welcome to call me that if you do feel so inclined. I was at Atrium a long time a go when it was run on Zetaboards. I can't say I am the biggest fan of Zetaboards, so I am super excited to see it moved to Xenforo! Enough of being a critic, let's talk about me!

I'm 19 and live in Michigan currently. I am a university student currently studying Business Administration with a minor in Finance. It is quite a wild ride and my schedule is SUPER busy. I am slowly but surely surviving one day at a time, however! I love me some sports and in my free time I really enjoy a nice Netflix documentary. I avidly listen to Hip-Hop and Rap. I am also a supervisor at an Extreme Air Sports park and it's honestly the best job ever.

I haven't been on a forum in literally YEARS. I am definitely going to be here to stay. I miss foruming a lot so I am super happy to have chosen Atrium as my new home. :)

If you have any questions, my line is now open! See you guys around!!

Peace out!


Staff member
Hey Joe. :D ir is great to have you here! Welcome to Atrium <3

How many classes are you in this semester? I know that major can be super busy. :o