[WIP] Design for my marketing agency

I've started coding it, which is not my strong suit.

It looks odd at higher resolutions, as it's responsive. My mac's resolution is much higher than 1080p but it seems to suffice.
How is it responsive, exactly ...?

The logo looks too big / bulky and, looking at the design, the menu items will probably also be too big. When scaling down, the text will disappear on each side. I'd recommend taking the text out of the image, so you will be able to scale it in every view. I'd imagine you might want that line of text to be your H1, too. The header text would probably look nicer if it'd be smaller as well.

I also wouldn't start building before actually finishing and finetuning the design.

Design-wise, I'm not sure if I like the shade of orange used. Especially in the section below the header on the 'live' version, it looks kind of 'dirty' to me.

Are you planning on converting it into a WordPress theme when you're done building the static website, considering your current website is on WordPress?

PS: At least use an external stylesheet and declare your doctype :)
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