Will Hollywood Admit That TV Ratings System Is Broken?


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OneNewsNow: Will Hollywood Admit That The Ratings System Is Broken?

It seems the FCC has gotten an earful from parents and pro-family groups about reforming the TV content ratings system.

Melissa Henson of the Parents Television Council (PTC) says more than 1,700 comments were filed to the Federal Communications Commission. "99.9 percent of them were saying the system is broken; it's not helping my family; they're misleading," Henson reports. "Most of the comments that we see there are people expressing intense dissatisfaction with the way the ratings system is operated right now.

The lone detractor in the comments was Hollywood, but Henson tells OneNewsNow the entertainment industry argues that they have a lot of surveys and polls saying people are happy with the system the way it is.

"Tim Winter, the president of the PTC, the analogy he used when talking about those polls … conducted by the TVOMB: It's like a North Korea election. They're not looking for honest answers; they're looking to maintain the status quo. So they wouldn't publish honest survey results," Henson relays. "They use push polling to try to get the answers that they want, so the polling data that they're citing, I don't think is reliable."

The FCC now has a couple of months to present a report to Congress, and Henson hopes the agency will conclude that the system is broken and that it needs to be fixed to be made better for families.