Trophy Hunting


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Are you a trophy hunter? A Trophy hunter is someone who is very trophy oriented trying to get all the possible trophies. Does trophy hunting ruin the game for you or does it make you enjoy it more?

Dragon Lord

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I greatly enjoy getting trophies, however I would not consider myself a trophy hunter. To me, a trophy hunter is someone who only plays for trophies. They don't care about the game itself or enjoying the game. They only seek out games that are easy and fast to platinum. Although I do enjoy getting trophies, I only enjoy doing it for games that I like. Opposite of trophy hunters, I play games based on whether or not I would enjoy the game, which in turns leads me to enjoying getting the trophies for that game.

I honestly don't know how anyone can play games purely for the trophies/achievements. If you don't enjoy the game while you play it, what's the point? I just think it's a sad way to game. I might not have as many platinums as those trophy hunters, but I can guarantee that I've enjoyed my time a hell of a lot more than them.


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I like to push myself to get trophies. But they can ruin games. Take Rayman: Legends for example.
The game is relatively okay to complete and a fun experience. Until you reach the 100% Mark for the game. The game has a point system up to level 11.
I reached level 10 by collecting everything. But it's still not enough. You need to do the daily and weekly challenges, and score high. Bronze gives you 1 point, silver 5 points and gold is 10 points. If you get platinum, you score 50 points. But frankly, that's difficult. Since I can only get gold at most, that's roughly 20 points per day from the 2 daily challenges.
This had been going on for months. It's no longer fun. But I'm so far in, I can't stop.