The Chitty-Chatty Thread

Good afternoon guys, I had my 1st chocolate and pumpkin sprinkles iced coffee from 2nd cup this morning out, had played an hour or 2 solitaire out in the little wood behind my home, will be lunching on leftovers from last night's take-out dinner and some diet coke, will be having my 2nd and last iced coffee from Press-cafe this afternoon out and window-shopping a little after I'm done with posting on my blog and forums. Today's a little too warm, but in 4 days, we'll be having real autumn weather which I'm looking forward to.
Good afternoon folks, had a few hours power cut today, had to lunch out rather than in the house, so I had lunched on a chicken fajitas wrap and an iced coffee and had browsed the shops idly to wait out my power cut. At present just enjoying my usual movie and posting on my blog and forums before dinner and bedtime. Might be having take-out or dining out tonight, or a home-cooked meal, not sure yet. Enjoy your weekend everyone!
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Hi Grey! :)

I'm doin'okay, and thanks for asking! :amused:

Your work hours .. are they always late shifts? :beer::zzz:

And i agree. No mon fun aye? ;P
Typically they are between 7-9 hours unless it is a Sunday when we close early. Especially on the weekends we get super busy so I always get stuck with the 3PM-12:30AM shift. So, yes. My shifts are always pretty long. And yes I agree! There is so little you can do without money!


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I went and saw a movie last night. xD I made my bestfriend laugh the entire time because I was whispering "OH HECKKKKKKK to the NOOOOO" and "Not today Satan" lmao. I had a lot of fun though. I kept my eyes covered for slightly majority of the movie, but oh well lol.
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Good afternoon all, I had napped the whole morning, will be now lunching on leftovers and heading out for a little something to eat or drink out.

Hey night all, I had a zesty blood orange diet coke out, another hot day today, but I feel refreshed after my morning nap. For now, I'm enjoying a movie and my daily forums before dining out and bedtime.