Spend money on F2P Games?


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Do you ever spend money on free to play games? Perhaps you buy a premium membership, or you buy tokens and etc. Do you do this regularly or randomly?

If you don't do this, why not?
I generally spend a small amount every so often; in gacha games such as Fire Emblem Heroes I typically buy their 'offers' which are usually monthly things with some premium currency and other additional awards. Considering how long I've played it and the enjoyment I've gained from it, I don't mind spending a bit every so often.

In the (now defunct) Wizardry Online I spent a bit to support the developers, as I truly enjoyed the game and found it to be exactly the kind of MMO experience I wanted.

I also bought ad removal in both Dead Shell and Buriedbornes, singleplayer mobile games that I really enjoy.

Dragon Lord

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The only F2P game I've ever spent money on was an MMO I used to play a long time ago. Though I started to spend a little too much money on the game, so I forced myself to quit and haven't gone back to it since. Though I'll be honest, I've had some serious urges to see if my characters still exist.

I'm considering spending some money on Star Ocean: Anamnesis. I really don't like the idea of spending money on a mobile game, because companies are known to randomly shut games down out of no where, but I really like the game and I want to have more gems for character pulls and other such things. Especially considering that right now the summer event is going on and the Summer version of characters are limited time only and once the event is done, you can't get them any more. It's tough to decide if I should stick to my guns and not spend money on a mobile game, or if I should just say screw it and have a little fun.
A while back, I quit any game that had this as a significant feature, and I think it was a great move on my part.

Usually, they give you the choice of "Pay for premium account, or grind for hours on end", if you want to advance. But I think the only way to truly win those games is not to play them to begin with :p .