Pokemon GO

Anyone else plays this game?

I'm LV 40, as of recently, and I'm on Team Instinct. I play the game every day. On break/lunch at work, I always open up the game to build up candy and stardust. My father is the designated Pokemon GO driver, he can somewhat multitask when it comes to driving and playing the game. If I'm playing while driving, it's usually only at nighttime when there is little to no traffic. My mother and father are both LV 40 as well, my mother is a Mystic though while my father is an Instinct like me.

I'm currently building up stardust to do some trades for three regional Pokemon. I might be getting my first Mewtwo from a trade sometime too, I've only done two EX raids and failed both of them.

My highest CP Pokemon is Kyogre with 4K+ CP, I have eight 100% IV Pokemon.
Hey I play too. Level 36, Mystic. Boyfriend is 35, Valor.

My highest CP is my shiny Kyogre at about 3600. Still can't believe a scored a shiny one.

My friend is heading to the states soon so I'm hoping she remembers to catch me Tauros, Corsola and Heracross. Otherwise I will be greatly disappointed. Should be heading to NZ early next year so I can get Relicanth.
Nice! I don't even have a shiny Kyogre, my mother and father do though.

I just got Relicanth from a trade today, I should be getting Mr. Mime tomorrow, and Kangaskhan and Volbeat soon, hopefully, Mewtwo as well.
Currently: Milotic (almost maxed out), Machamp (maxed out), Walrein, Flygon, Primeape, Pidgeot, Alakazam, and Misdreavus
I just got a 100 Piloswine that I'm very excited about. Ice type is my favorite. I almost cried when I found him. I'm level 35, but I have a 100 Snorlax, Eggxecutor, Venesaur (w/ Frenzy Plant), Beautifly, Swiftry, Ursarig, Victreebell, and I think that's it.


I and my family got our first Unown recently. Now that's a rare spawn.

Got another 100% Feebas in an egg today.

Got a shiny Wingull too.

I just got a 100 Piloswine that I'm very excited about.
I got 1 stat below that (98%) for Swinub tonight. Evolved it into a Piloswine.

I honestly just want a delibird for collection purposes.
I got one during the Christmas event.

By the way you should all add me as a friend and send me all your gifts ;)

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Added. :up:

Mewtwo coming soon is what I'm SUPER excited about.
Indeed, the last Pokemon I need to complete my Gen 1 Dex.

I already have a shiny Zapdos, so here's hoping I get a shiny Articuno and Moltres too.

I wouldn't mind some better IVs of the 3 regionals coming in the 7 eggs.