Overwatch World Cup - 2018

i was so pumped during the bangkok group stage. my aussie bois made it, i'm so happy and so proud of them !!

finland look strong. finland vs sk was amazing.

sweden were disappointing af. though they stepped it up against denmark, finally.
spain too, running literally 1 comp and sucking a lot on anything else.
russia also kinda disappointing but i guess mistakes and SDB play way too differently (SDB prefers the slow reactive style while mistakes is aggressive, like boston was). SDB is good but kinda washed up at this point.

blizzcon will be poggers, all amazing teams have made it so far. even if denmark made it, i'd be happy, they deserved it.
i wanted brazil to make it so much, since they were so clean and so good.

hopefully some OWL expansion teams pick up good rosters and players from the world cup.