Favorite Mobile Game


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I try to stay away from mobile games, especially the ones that are P2P lol. But Game of Thrones Conquest is fun to play.

Dragon Lord

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I'm usually extremely anti-mobile game, due to their cheapness and nickle-and-dime nature, however, I have fallen completely in love with Star Ocean: Anamnesis. I started playing it the first day it was released in North America and I haven't been able to stop since. Been playing it every single day, sometimes more than any other game. One of the main reasons why this particular mobile game might have caught my attention so much is just the fact that we Star Ocean fans are pretty starved for content. SO4 and SO5 were extremely terrible, so I think most of us are willing to take whatever Star Ocean content we can get at this point.

The game seems to be doing pretty well, so hopefully that will help increase the odds of getting a proper Star Ocean 6 some day, and hopefully it'll be the complete opposite of Star Ocean 5.
Mainly Fate/Grand Order, although I have Brave Frontier , Final Fantasy Brave Exvius , Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow , Clash of Clans, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff , Puzzle & Dragons and The Simpsons: Tapped Out as well as Pokemon Go and Hearthstone .