Classic Macs


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In my younger years, I fondly remembered the classic Macs, or moreso a glorious thing known as the iMac G3. Let me show you a nice picture of one:

Of course, other Mac models had preceded this beauty even the original Macintosh from 1984. Contained in them was the classic Mac OS operating systems and that the humble iMac G3 was best known for running Mac OS 8 and 9. Macs of that kind were all over the place in my old primary school and I remember the blue iMac G3 in my class, and there was even an orange one bought for another (as they call came in different colours, good thinking by Steve Jobs for that kind of idea). Though I remember these things clearly, I only ever used them to play games on as a reward for doing my work, such as Broderbund's Living Books series.

For those unfamiliar or don't know what I'm on about, let me post of what the typical desktop environment of the classic Macs was like, way before the fancy macOS and its sexy dock and aesthetics we know today:

This was my own Mac OS 9 system, run under SheepShaver which can (almost perfectly) emulate classic Mac OS versions well. Wonderful, eh? :)

Now then... I wonder who else had these wonderful things in their primary/elementary school classes back in the day ;)