Atrium Post-A-Thon Results


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Atrium's Post-A-Thon

First off I want to thank each of the 15 participants, you all created wonderful new content and made Atrium open with a bang! :wub: The posts generated only from the contest were: 1,840 posts and 351 threads. That's almost 1/3 of our posts and basically half of the threads we have! Here are the following honorable mentions: @Geoffrey @guyyy @marti @Brook @FitnessJunkie @Aaron @Ash @Sean @Alex @Chance @Robbie626 @Dan The Man These participants got anywhere from 13 points all the way to 202 points!

Our winners of the contest are the following.

1st place: @Davao with 769 posts and 109 threads created for 1,267 points
2nd place: @David with 238 posts and 102 threads created for 450 points
3rd place: @Gaomon274 with 161 posts and 72 threads created for 385 points

Davao has won $25, David has won 15, and Gaomon has won 10! :) Congratulations guys! To all participants there will be a trophy added to your profile. To 1st 2nd and 3rd you will have an award added soon, but as well as this you will be getting a message from me so we can figure out where to send your cash money prize. :)

Thank you for all taking a big part in Atrium's reopening and I hope to continue to see you each post around and be a big part out of our community. :)