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@Paddy .. :D

I've had a lot of tears over J.T though.. ='(
Same here. Still surreal that it's over an end of an era. Him and Bowen the two most entertaining I've seen play. Still have the autographed flag you got me in 2007 also as well as a signed jersey from NQ. Going to meet JT in November at his touring seminar.
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Can i just ask .. what do you receive as a member?

Do you, at some stage during the season .. get invited into the sheds?
I think it depends which memberships it might vary as I am an away member but I got things like a cap , one of those cooler bag things, membership discounts at the home venue and town, free tickets to certain game or games and discount on merch. Home memberships may have other things. I would also say if you have email signed up to the leagues club you get invites to member events and meet players.


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Got my hair cut last weekend, forgot to post photos!

And mom and I put semi-permanent purple color in our hair yesterday night. First time ever I've put dye in my hair that doesn't just instantly wash out in the shower! I love it :)

Didn't put a lot in, want to see how it bleeds and whatnot first :p