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Hey everyone,

It's been a while since we have opened and my have we had an amazing opening! Thank you for everyone who has joined us and become part of our little family! I hope all of you are doing well :)

I would like to check in with everyone what would they like to see on Atrium??? Please give constructive feedback to us so we can better improve your experiences at Atrium!

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I was looking forward to this forum since the day it got announced. I was a big fan of the original Atrium and I knew the revival would be just as good.
There's not much to say or add as of yet. I just hope everyone stays committed and doesn't get bored and inactive again. As a community it is all of our responsibilities to keep the content fresh and exciting. A lot of forums die because the only members posting new content are the staff team, while everyone else just waits for things to happen. Just my thoughts..
I'll try to be active more. Aside from work, there's other things that require my attention which is why I pop in every now and then instead of on a daily basis.

Also, Atrium is inaccessible from work, sorry lmao.
I will also be around a lot more. I am absolutely loving this place as is.

Having said that though .. Esper understands my liking of BIG av's but aye .. the size that they are here .. seems perfect. ;P

The community is absolutely brilliant. Perhaps ZB closing their doors ..will be a blessing in disguise ..and the best thing that could possibly have happened for Atrium.

Where is Caroline though? :(

I have her email addy .. might try to contact her. ;)
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