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Atrium Board Rules
Last Updated: August 14th, 2018​
We appreciate you guys being on Atrium and being part of the family, we have always been pretty relaxed on rules in regards to Atrium but we feel it's time that we needed to set up some ground rules so people know what they can or cannot do more clearly. We will try to keep the rules fairly simple and straightforward for you guys. Besides not violating the TOS we have a few rules of our own.

Posting Etiquette: The following is prohibited from Atrium, the contents can be removed by a staff member without hesitation and you can be warned.
  1. Any sort of discriminatory material whether its racial, gender, or etc.
  2. Any flaming or rude behavior or comments towards other members & staff members.
  3. Any sort of spam, that includes extremely short posts that contribute nothing to the conversations or repeating posts multiple times across the board.
  4. Any sort of pornography, illegal downloads, or illegal activities.

Advertising: If any of the following rules are broken your link will be removed, you will be warned.

  1. You may not advertise your board anywhere on Atrium other than in your profile or your signature.
  2. You may not PM advertise anyone on this board. (If you are caught breaking this rule you will have your PM abilities revoked.)

  1. Name changes: You may request for a name change every 6 months.
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