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  1. Brook

    Pokemon GO

    I've started playing again. My flat has a gym outside so I just kinda hang around and fight anyone who dares take over my gym. Which is also a memorial to a Firefighter that died in the 70s so..... yeahhh
  2. Brook

    World of Warcraft

    I hope it can help revitalise the game, since I've been following news and a lot of people are really unhappy with the standard set by BFA. I can't comment because I still haven't played despite preordering it, but apparently it's become very basic and not fun.
  3. Brook

    Last Game Completed

    Probably Spyro the Dragon 2. I haven't really been able to finish anything else yet. I played through the third game but I'm really not too fond of it.
  4. Brook

    Who is your ISP?

    I'm with Talk Talk. The speed isn't good at all, and we're gonna keep pushing until we get better service. Something to do with it not being available in our area yet. So our speed can drop pretty low.
  5. Brook

    Rangers End Old Firm Winless Streak Vs. Celtic With 1-0 Ibrox Win

    I didn't manage to catch the game because I was in work, but I did keep updates open in another tab. Thankfully Celtic should be getting some new players soon because this honestly should not have happened, but go figure. A loss is a loss and it happens, I guess. Hopefully they retool to make...
  6. Brook

    Last watched movie - yay or nay?

    The girl in the spiders web. Didn't know what was going on tbh.
  7. Brook

    Spring Photography

    Looks really nice. I was going to ask why you're sharing photos from months back since nearly winter. Then i remembered Australia was a thing.
  8. Brook


    The game is out on mobile. Who picked it up. It feels weird on the phone really.
  9. Brook

    World of Warcraft

    With WoW coming out in 2019, I'm looking forward to exploring vanilla Warcraft again, since its been nearly a decade since the cataclysm. Does anyone think it will be in high demand? Or will it fizzle out from exhaustion of a 14 year old game? I personally have hopes it will do well, especially...
  10. Brook

    A Marvel of a Man: Stan Lee has Died at 95

    As others have said, this was expected. The man lived to 95 and still kept busy. He lived a good long life and had left a huge legacy for his true believers. Yet it doesn't make it any less sad. Excelsior.
  11. Brook

    Well that's not very nice

    I don't think anyone has said you can't have the opinions you have stated. But it doesn't necessarily mean they need to agree with you. It also means they don't really need to listen to you either. If they've blocked you, its because they probably don't want to deal with something like that. I...
  12. Brook

    Well that's not very nice

    Them libs right? Not agreeing with his posts. How dare they.
  13. Brook

    Fallout Series: Fallout 76

    I love the Fallout series. I think Fallout 4 was great and enjoyable. I have no interest in this game, however. I don't like the lack of NPCs or the concepts. I'll probably give it a miss.
  14. Brook

    Things That Annoy You?

    I hate racism. I get so mad when I hear racist remarks. But when people try to defend racism, that infuriates me a lot. I have no time for hate speech. I myself used to get comments about "the famine being over. Go home". I've also been called an "irrelevant depressed scotsman" even here on...
  15. Brook

    What Is Your Mood?

    Glad to hear it turned up!
  16. Brook

    World of Warcraft

    I should definitely check it out. I've not been home in about a month so I don't really have a computer.
  17. Brook

    Throwing a Party, everyone's invited!

    Glad to hear it! I hope things continue to go well and you keep having a positive outlook.
  18. Brook

    Favourite Cartoon Character

    I like a lot of cartoon characters. Ranging from Simpsons to South Park. Right now my favourite would probably be BoJack Horseman.
  19. Brook

    Last game played

    I've been playing binding of Isaac again. game is a fun time sink tbh
  20. Brook


    Invisibility is a good one for that. See someone across the way from school you don't feel like talking to? Well you're in luck because they won't see you. The amount of times I can't get out of bed and get something is unreal. I opened my window last night and instead of getting up to closer...